Tuesday, February 16, 2010

David Meerman Scott's Advice in Action!

Noble Music has been hitting the social networks hard! It sounds anti social I know. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Vimeo, Posterous, addthis, Digg, blogspot, tumblr,youtube..etc etc... Pingfm is a great tool for posting to all of these at once.

More importantly, www.Noble-Music.com is set to launch soon! And we WILL let it be known when it is LIVE. Tony Shimkin has been hard at work, just recently landing a spot for Verizon Fios through Massive Music. He will also Pingfm this Blog entry from his AT&T iPhone. LOL. Google will be faster than fios? See older posts and tweets.

We appreciate all the support, encouragement you all have offered. Many in the form of new followers and many participating directly in the growth and future of Noble-Music.com. We even thank those (well only one...you know who you are.) that have discouraged us from pursuing our dreams and future endeavors, as it only drives us more to succeed and to do business the only way it should be done...With Honor, Commitment, Nobility, Mutual respect for those who work with you or alongside you...and most importantly to deliver content and a product we know you will love!

Many Thanks
Noble Music

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